Monday, February 18, 2013

Want to Know the Back Story?

If you have wondered and wanted to know the story of how we got to this place, living this call to foreign missionary service, I was blessed to share our story at My Crazy Adoption last week in a new series Kari is running about other missionary moms and their journeys.

When God started to knock on the door asking for my heart, my life,whispering to me that He was calling us to return to the mission field, I did not think I could say “yes”. It was two years after we had lost our sixth son Bryce to SIDS at three months old in 2009 and then suffered a very difficult second trimester miscarriage a couple of months later in early 2010. I had been grieving and living in survival mode for that long when my husband began to see a new light dawning for us...head over here to read the rest.