Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Giving Thanks

So I am a little late toSo I am a little late to Ann's Monday Thanksgiving party but I know that the One for whom I count, He doesn't mind the dates, only the state of a heart. And mine, it's all filled up and overflowing with joy and peace and the gifts of this place, this time, these people I call husband and sons, family, and these I call "hermana y hermano", faces new, yet already etched deep into me. The breathtaking mountain views, fog clouds rising to reveal morning son, flowing rivers and trucks full of fruit -- they make my heart sing its song of thanks to Him who gives all good things.

1.For simple buildings that become Churches because He is present and we come.
2. For the prayer warriors who come, who pray, who kneel with us and implore Him for the salvation of souls.

3. For boys who pray hard, love deep and smile big.
4. For their scuffles to be the one who sits next to Mom each time we sit to pray.

 5. For the gift of childhood and that it lingers long in the hearts of my children.

 6. For dusty roads to be walked long and far in search of those who need Him.

 7. For open skies and green vistas and blue, clear blue heavens at which to gaze.

8. For the fruit of the earth growing right there in the reach of my finger tips.
9. For the detailed beauty of His creation, ever a reminder of the intimate way He loves.

10. For this man and the way he lives and the way he loves and the way he serves.
11. And for his sheer joy in this new adventure.

 12. See that friend laughing deep and long and wide in the back there? For her. And that smile. And all that is says about this day.

13. For the farmer and his feeding us with the work of his hands. And how it made me smile long thinking of another friend and her pig farming husband.
14. For his shy invitation and his care in providing all for us that day.

 15. For kids who find friends in every place and every time and play. Really play.

16. For boys almost men who become boys again under the arch of a turning rope.
17. For tentative words in languages not their own that open the door of relationship.

18. For this. This scene. Forever pressed in my heart journal. Sweet and pure and tender.

19. For a fire stoked all the day, offering treat after treat.
20. For cool mountain air and warm when day falls to night and cool becomes cold.

 21. For chocolate eyes that warm the soul.

22. For the green that speaks of new life and for the Life that speaks of Love who gives it me all as gift.

23. For strong, healthy bodies.

 24. For the work of our hands and the expected joy of what it will produce.

There are so many more to count. But night beckons and children drift off and a husband sighs deep with tiredness. So I shall count on as we sleep and awake to new reasons to count. Count with me? Count our blessings as yours? Look deep and long into your days and see the work of God? It will change you. For good.


  1. loving your adventure...with HIM.

  2. A blessing for amaze me...its a wonderful thing that we, our family, all from the same set of genes...but yet so different and yet so alike...and so close at heart with each other and how we care for and understand each others calling...keep them coming for through your eyes and heart I am seeing and learning things I would most likely never see and do myself...and I hope somewhere along the way I am that for you too...for it is my wish to be good help to those I serve. Love you and hug the boys and Greg please...sending faraway kisses from Nanny Shannon

  3. Beautiful and poetic. What lovely pictures. We are able to experience some of this through them.

  4. I am new to visit your beautiful life and blog. I heard about your missionary work from Elizabeth's blog, originally. I just want to thank you for paving the way and holding out your lantern, shining the light of Christ for those you serve and for all of us who follow you in cyberspace. I feel the calling to Missionary work, at times, but God hasn't opened that door for us. God bless you for all of your suffering that has led you to the foot of the Cross...A place I know well and wouldn't trade for any other spot on earth. Our family has added your family to our prayer box and daily prayers. Ave Maria!

  5. Beautiful pictures, beautiful words.