Monday, April 30, 2012

A Whole Lot of Livin' Going On

So in between loving the orphans and widows in His name, in between the long journeys and the busy days full of Church activities, a whole lot or ordinary, every day family life goes on here. Cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and teaches school. Family movie night. Working. E-mailing family and friends. Afternoons at the river. Kicking the soccer ball around the plaza. And lately, a lot of fort building on the front porch.

I am committed to maintaining the atmosphere of family first here in the missions. My kids did not come all this way to be exhausted in service. They are as hungry for the love of Christ as anyone else I might meet here. And it is my primary duty to give that love generously. One way I attempt to do that is by being a "yes" momma, as often as I can saying yes to their requests for my attention: "Can you take us to the river?" " Can we paint today?" "Can we make cookies tonight?" Yes, my loves, I can. We can. Because in the midst of all this service, you are the most important people in my life. I will stop for you. I will rest a longer because you have curled up next to me. I will sing " The Ants Go Marching One by One" one more time. I will. Because you are precious to me and precious to your father and precious to the Lord. And you are loved.

I love to see how happy my kids are here. And I love to see how much they truly appreciate it when they get to Skype their cousins or see photos of friends. They are elated to be remembered.  And the so the joy that ensued when one sweet friend and her children waltzed their way to us via care packages that arrived this week was truly memorable.

Even after a few tries, I couldn't get squirmy excited boys to stay in place long enough for you to really see our message, which reads MUCHISSIMAS GRACIAS FAMILIA _______!

Balls, baked goods, peanut butter, Nutella. The good stuff. And for a mom's heart? Dark chocolate, sharpies and a table cloth from pretty girls who know how to make things lovely. I hope these smiles tell the story of our gratitude, because we were pretty over the moon. Kolbe turns 5 this Wednesday and he has picked the Marble Cake Mix for his cake. You made our hearts happy, dear friends. And we thank you. Grace in a box. What a lovely gift!

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  1. My kids were so excited to see your kids so excited! They were most delighted that the balls made it and were useable! Happy Birthday to your sweet Kolbe! I hope he enjoys his cake!