Friday, September 21, 2012

Let's Get The Facts

If we are to take an action on the issue of human trafficking, it's important that we take the time to get the facts. I know, I hate getting the facts myself. I'd much rather just get all impassioned about something, ride the wave as long as it lasts and then move on.
But human slavery and the buying and selling of children for sexual exploitation--happening in every country on the globe--today--as you read this. We can't afford not to educate ourselves. It will arm us for the battle and fuel us with an honest passion, not just an emotional one.
So here's how we can take action today:

  • The most comprehensive and well organized way to read the most recently gathered information about this issue is to look through the Trafficking in Persons Report published annually by the U.S. government since 2001. I realize there is no way to read the entire document, but do read through as much of the introductory material as you are able. And then some of the individual country narratives. If you are in prayer for me and that beautiful little face that broke my heart, you might take a look at the Nicaragua report. If you are praying for the success of Salvando Corazones, you might read the Costa Rica report. Maybe there's a particular country you have heart for for your own particular reasons. Look it up. Read it. Get the facts. Let's know what it is we are working for. 
  • Salvando Corazones information about Costa Rica: There is some good history and back ground of what is happening here in Costa Rica explained here.
  • Health and Human Services Fact Sheet: A good overview of the legal definitions of the crime
  • The Slavery Map will allow you to get a country by country and even state by state visual of the most recently reported, documented cases of human slavery. Staggering.
  • United Nations information: Info PageFAQs,Publications and Tools (I'm not linking this one for its readability but only because I think it gives a good idea of the wide spectrum this issue encompasses--there are law enforcement issues, justice system issues, social and psychological issues, diplomatic relations issues. No one, in any professional or personal sector should be uneducated about this issue.
  • This page is for emergency medical providers but is a really good explanation of trafficking from the psychological and sociological perspective.
  • Educate others: Tweet or post as your Facebook one fact you learn today with the link to the source.
Overwhelmed? I know, me too. I don't think anyone has the time to read all of this in one sitting. But if you take just a few minutes today and walk away armed with a little more information, a little more perspective, a little more passion, you have taken action on behalf of these victims. On behalf of real people living in real horror. All over the world. Right now.

And remember to keep praying. Every time you read a fact and it horrifies you or breaks your heart, pray. Every time you feel overwhelmed by statistics, pray. Prayer is our most powerful source of inspiration and are most powerful weapon.

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  1. This is Avery real problem. We recently had training on this at work (DoD) it is an issue that is serious, widespread and worldwide. Thanks for digging up all the info. Knowledge is power. God bless!