Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's Invite Others to Join Us

I (and you) am five days in to my commitment to take action against human trafficking. After reading the facts and hearing the stories and praying fervently on this, I am all the more convicted that it is part of my missionary duty to what I can for those suffering this grave injustice. I am flying with the Holy Spirit on exactly what that is, but He is helping me mightily. I have already made some new connections, been inspired to get moving more seriously on some outreaches I already had in the works, and am thinking through some new ideas.
As this week moves ahead, I'd like to begin sharing my ideas and brainstorming more with you. But I thought that today we could commit to inviting other people to join in our efforts first. I know that many have shared the posts here so far and are talking about this issue and your conviction to do something about it. But perhaps today you could go one step further?
  • I have created a page at the top of this blog with links to all the posts so far. Maybe you could e-mail to a few friends with a personal note asking them to join you in this commitment.
  • If you have a blog, maybe you would be willing to share the link with your readers? Or might you contact some of your favorite bloggers and share the link with an invitation to join us here?
  • And what about talking face to face? Talk to someone today about the real and horrific suffering human trafficking is causing in our world and ask him/her to join you in fighting the atrocity.
  • Want a way to gently invite your kids to have a heart for these victims and their suffering? Read this thoughtful article and see if it might help you find the right words.
  • Is there anyone in your church community who might want to join us in our commitment? Why not invite them via e-mail, a phone call, or a quick visit to their office? 
  • And let's not forget that spiritual action is powerful action. Don't stop praying. How about we all begin praying about something we can fast from to remind us to walk in solidarity with the victims of human slavery? Let me know what the Spirit inspires you to do. We'll commit to fasting together one day this week.

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