Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Remember Her?

This girl right here? Who used to like to say stuff and think out loud here in this space? This girl who used to use her words to process her life on the mission field and fight human trafficking and tell funny stories about life with lots of boys?

Yeah, that's okay, I barely remember her either. But she's been hanging around a lot in the back of my head begging for some attention lately. And it's getting harder and harder to ignore her.

She's got stories to tell. Thoughts that won't stop rumbling to forefront of her mind when she needs to be thinking about dinner and how to teach borrowing in subtraction.

So I'm going to try to begin to oblige her a bit here and there. Perhaps you would be willing to do the same?

When she comes back, remind her to tell you about walking like a Franciscan, about her beautiful brother's journey home, about boys and snowmen and indoor water parks and outside snow in Amish country, about connecting with another missionary mom, about her friend Don Oscar, about a mom and a baby and an antibiotic label, about the pesky dust of the mission field and slaves that have been freed and survivors who tell their stories and a brilliantly simple homeschooling idea.

Because these are the things that she keeps talking about inside my head and these are the things that keep me from figuring out how to turn half an onion , a few potatoes, tomato sauce and relish into a square meal for eight. I'm sure if I let her get her words out, I'll come up with something.

Come back and share stories with us in the coming days and weeks?

Thanks. I knew you would.


  1. I am already excited! Bless your heart for wanting to share all of those treasured stories with us.

  2. tell us about your brother's going home...I would love to hear about it from your perspective. I only can see mine, lately, memory hog that I am....

  3. I was thinking about her recently...glad it sounds like she hasn't gone too too far away ;)