Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Roof Over His Head

About a week ago we had a visit from a family who lives in the indigenous community of Paso Marcos where we were planning an evangelization event which took place today. They had walked four hours to our home to, first of all, visit and get to know us a bit, but also to ask us if it might be possible for us to help one of their neighbors. Today, after our event, they took us to meet him and see his need. This is his story.

Oscar is a senior citizen. Even though he himself is not indigenous, he bought property in the community of Paso Marcos many years ago and lived there and raised his family there. His wife died years ago and his children have all moved on to other areas, leaving Oscar alone to fend for himself.

He lives at the top of the mountain in a little wooden shack which he rarely leaves. The tin that comprises his roof has deteriorated and is full of holes. Every time that it rains, all of Oscar's bedding (and Oscar too if he happens to be sleeping) get soaking wet. The dampness invades every part of his humble living space.

Meet Oscar and see his home here:

For $250, we can purchase the tin sheets we need to replace Oscar's roof. With a bit more, we can buy him a new mattress and pillow and provide him fresh sheets and a hand made quilts from our Mercy Covers initiative. His neighbors will help us do the work to repair his roof and keep him safe and dry.

Would you help us put of roof over Oscar's head before he undergoes any more wet and lonely nights? Go to and click over to our Paypal page to make a donation for Oscar. Comment here if you need help getting your donation set up.

Thank you in advance for being Christ to Oscar.

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