Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pray With Us

I am sharing a series of posts at Suscipio this month about praying the rosary for missions. Join us as we begin by praying for Africa?

From the post:

A great way to combine these two focuses in the month of October is by praying the missions rosary. In this rosary, each decade is prayed for one area of the world, the needs of its people, and the Church’s missionary outreaches in that area. One decade is recited for each of the following areas: Africa, Oceania, Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Pictures in this post were generously offered by friends who led the Life Teen mission trip to Ghana in 2012.

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  1. Hello Colleen. I hopped over from Suscipio. I have enjoyed reading thru your blog. I wasn't sure...is your facebook page for your blog...or your personal/family page? Feel free to ignore the "friend" request if it is your personal page and not a "blog" page. I can join your site.

    I have never traveled the world... but I have always wanted to be a world missionary. In fact, in college, I considered joining the Peace Corps, but A) didn't have a "useful" background at the time (such as education, nursing, engineering, etc.), and B) it wasn't the faith-filled experience that I was looking for after I did a series of informational interviews. Anyway, at this time in my life being a world missionary is not possible...but I don't think the door is closed to the possibility. Just at a different time in my life!