Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sharing the Good News

This topic I've been tackling and reading about and working for passionately, this atrocity of human slavery and sexual exploitation can be so dark and disheartening and hard to swallow at times. Sometimes it makes you wonder about humanity and how we're supposed to live in light and hope. But, I keep clinging to the inspiration of the Spirit and trying to remember that this is His work. And sometimes, He mercifully reminds me of that.

So in this post I told you all about my letter writing campaign and offering to help to do what I can to combat human trafficking. I also told you about my timidity when it came to writing directly to the hotel owner whom we had befriended in San Juan del Sur to inquire about him checking in on my beautiful little friend.

Well, I think the Holy Spirit might be telling me that it's time I recognize I am not all on my own in my concern for people and that there are plenty of really good people in this seemingly dark world.

Because within minutes after swallowing my pride and taking the leap to e-mailing the hotel owner (at his info address no less, because, of course, in my procrastination I had lost the personal address he gave me), I got this response back:

I haven't thought about San Juan being a danger point for trafficking in children and minors but share your concerns.  There are educational programs extant in San Juan which alert children and adults to dangers and problems.  They have had several seminars on this subject in town and the subject is often discussed in the schools.
In fact, it sometimes seems my neighbors are paranoid when it comes to their children going to school because even though the school is three blocks away, only the teenagers walk with out adult supervision.  The law in Nicaragua is particularly concerned with trafficking in children and the first lady Rosario Murrillo has seen to it that the word is out with several large signs and the law has been beefed up to punish transgressor harshly.
I don't know if the child you identify has a minder but I will find out.  There is a net work of vendors who look out for each other and this particular child goes to Gato Negro  often and several locals buy her wares to be sure she has sales.  There are two people in particular who will be interested in her welfare and I will bring your concerns to their attention.
Let me know when you are coming this way again and when I have more info I'll get back to you.


So there you have it. That's what God can do. I could never have imagined when I met that little girl on that beach that God was going to break my heart wide open for her. And then for a millions of faces I'll never see. But He did. And since then, I have tried to honor Him with the action His Spirit is prompting me to take. Even though sometimes it makes me feel a little silly and all alone in the world.

And then, He reminds me that I am not. Never, ever when I work for Him do I work alone. And when I work with Him, He always sends the right people at the right time to enliven and encourage and fulfill His plans. 

The little girl who broke my heart has someone making sure she is safe and has adequate sales to return home to safety. She is going to go to the beach to sell her sea shell creatures and go home and someone is going to make sure of that. I am going to try to figure out if there is more I can do to ensure her a safe future. 

But in the mean time, I think it only appropriate that the first real fruit I get to see from my efforts goes straight back to the heart and the start of the passion and makes a small difference for just that one beautiful little face of that beautiful little girl on the beach in Nicaragua.


  1. Yay, a bit of peace for you I'm sure.

  2. It is so important to listen to Holy Spirit, isn't it? I am glad you got an answer back, that the hotel owner is concerend enough to inform you and will take action for the safety of 'your' girl. What an encouragement! I love your heart, Colleen!