Sunday, October 21, 2012

World Mission Sunday

Today, the Church celebrates World Missions Sunday and the call of all Catholic to cooperate with and participate in mission ad gentes.

2005 Statement from U.S. Bishops:

However, this mission is far from complete. There are many young churches that need missionaries to develop and grow. There are many dioceses, eparchies, and countries struggling with poverty, persecution, oppression, war, and immense suffering that need missionaries to witness to the light and love of Christ, bringing hope for the fut

The Church can never “withdraw from her permanent mission of bringing the Gospel to the multitudes—the millions and millions of men and women—who as yet do not know Christ the Redeemer of humanity” (On the Permanent Validity of the Church’s Missionary Mandate [Redemptoris Missio], no. 31, original italics). Therefore, all Catholics, by reason of their incorporation into the Church at Baptism, should fully participate and cooperate in Christ’s ongoing mission “to the nations.”

Check out what the St. Bryce Foundation is doing on our project funding page. And watch video updates from our mission on our Youtube Channel. Here's a favorite of mine, my awesome husband out evangelizing to the indigenous communities:

Happy World Mission Sunday!

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