Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 11 of Giving that Gives Back: Old Fashioned Fun

I was wanting to write a post about gift ideas for kids that are not things. Ways to make memories and give shared experiences to your kids or other family members this Christmas instead of stuff. You know, create some old-fashioned Christmas fun for your family. I was feeling tired and almost skipped today because I wanted to do a good job with this one. Well, God provides.

Because, look! I found this post over at Ordinary Lovely linked in Sarah's sidebar. And she has done all the work for me! So head on over there and be inspired. And come back and leave your favorite take-away in the comments here. I'd love to let her know how she inspired you all.

This link has some fun ideas for celebrating a more old-fashioned Christmas.

This post has tons of ideas for free activities for kids.

We love to make a paper chain for Advent or the twelve days of Christmas with one activity written inside each link. The kids pull the link that day and find out what the days' activity is. You could secretly invite family members or friends to join you and surprise the kids with someone to share their memory making with. It is a great way to take the focus of your celebration off stuff and on to people. Have fun, be creative, and share your ideas with the rest of us below.

Happy memory making, friends. I am calling tea time and early to bed tonight.

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