Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 13 of Giving that Gives Back: What She Said

I'm sure it doesn't come as any surprise to anyone who has been hanging around here for any length of time that my friend Ann has been a huge influence on my wanting to turn Christmas upside down.

So don't miss this from her, okay? Really. So much good to dig into there.

How did Christmas get to be more about cheap stuff than a lavish Savior?
What makes us scared to do Christmas counter-culture —  when it’s about God upending everything?
When a twelve-year-old girl was brave enough to bear down and birth God in a barn? When one man resolutely stood beside his pregnant girlfriend – big with a baby she confessed wasn’t his? When the God of the universe pulls on flesh and curls his deity into the helpness of a baby’s groping fingers? When the whole story flies straight in the face of the expected, cultural norms?
So go on over and read every single word, okay?
And don't forget to tune in tomorrow at noon for the special Christmas on the Farm web cast. I know it will be brimming with goodness for making your Christmas simple and sacred. Get all the details here.

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