Tuesday, January 28, 2014

KNOWN 2014: Finding My Brave

So part of my commitment to living KNOWN in 2014 was to admit not to hide behind the excuse, "People think I am brave (or whatever other complimentary word you might want to put there -- or derogatory one, for that matter), but that is because they do not really know me." And instead to be brave about letting myself be known.

I took a big step today in finding a bit of that brave. My beautiful friend Cristi, from my college days in New Orleans, has a stunning blog called Motherhood Unadorned where she gets real about motherhood, life and mental health.

I have commended her bravery. And I have proclaimed over and over again that mental health is something we have to get comfortable talking about. And today, I accepted the challenge myself.

So I'm over at her place today finding my brave and talking about mental health after infant loss and miscarriage. Would you pop and over and thank Cristi for taking on this aspect of blogging, for being so courageous, and for letting me do the same?

Thanks. You're the best.

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