Wednesday, January 15, 2014

KNOWN 2014: The Word WAS


This has just chased me down all week. A new reading of a familiar verse.


He WAS. Just always. From the beginning. My Jesus. WAS. 


It is a familiar yet earth-shaking reality. My Salvation always WAS, with God. In God's mind, in the beginning, was saving me from myself with the Word that is Him. 

Just can't seem to digest that crazy wild reality this week. But have found it such a buoy to my days. It has made my heart sing with gratitude. 


In Spanish it reads, "In the beginning, the Word existed. And the Word was (form of be that indicates something changeable) with God, and the Word was (form of be that indicates something unchangeable).

He WAS the unchangeable God who comes to change, who exists in time and outside of it, in all that is eternal and all that is temporal. In all that is glorious and all that is ordinary.


And what He was was the Word that Love spoke into the world, the Spirit being His voice. 

And the three who always were, they have always KNOWN me. 


And that, friends, that is carrying me on eagle's wings and bringing me unbounded joy this week. Which was only amplified when I read this. You too, friend?

What great comfort are you finding in the Word this week, friends?

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