Saturday, January 4, 2014

KNOWN 2014: The Word

One of the ways I am going to seek intimacy with the Lord this year, seek to be KNOWN by the Lover of my soul, is to dig into His love letter to us, His Word.

I have been longing to engage more with the Lord in His word. To make it a habit. To make it as valuable to me as my very breath. And to know the Word well so I can make it known.

Then the beautiful Ann Voskamp posts this today. A scripture memory program I can tailor to my own needs yet walk along side sisters. And the verses, from the very book on the Word made Flesh, from he who named God Love. A perfect fit.

And then I remembered that tucked away awaiting use, in addition to my bilingual Bible with verses in English alongside verse in Spanish, I have the Gospel of John, translated by a faithful pastor who has served here many years. You can hear some of the verses from John here.

And a crazy idea popped into my head which at first sounded like a fun brainstorm but soon become a weighty conviction from the One who most knows me. A challenge of obedience to memorize the Word in all three languages. To risk the humiliation of going a lot slower than everyone else. To risk the humiliation of not getting it right. To risk having to ask for help.

Because this is being known. The Lover of my soul knows where my fears lie, where my striving takes the place of true intimacy with His Word, where I make a game of what I should make a commitment, where I draw entertainment from what I should draw breath.

And He wants me to let that be known because He wants to transform. And I do so want to drop the facade of the over achiever and the participator and the one who can do it all. And just be known by Him and know Him in His Word.

So, I will take #TheJesusProject 2014 journey, and make God's Word a habit.


But I will likely limp along in embarrassment, way behind the crowd. I'm ready to fly, not is speed, but with wings not weighed down by expectation, by pretending, by trying to be more than I need to be. I'm ready to fly into the arms of the God who knows me and sit with Him in long, quiet stretches lumbering over His Word pronounced slowly and uncertainly in tongues that are not my own, but that I have been given to speak.

This is how KNOWN will be lived in the Word this year.

So this week, it is this week (and probably many more after) I will start in Scripture memorization preschool, with the all familiar John 3:16. A cop out for me in English, yes, but in Spanish and Cabecar? A challenge, I assure you.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him Should not perish, but have eternal life." John 3:16

"Porque de tal manera amo Dios al mundo que dio su Hijo unigenito para que todo aquel que cree en El no se pierda mas tenga vida eterna." Juan 3:16

"Sakeklawa kajiskawa shkal bai s i. Jenek i ka ite iyaba eklaba patkate kajiska, yite ijeba biketsa jewa bena ka weikanachaklawa kuna, ata jewa senakla jekjeye." 

So here I go, friends. Come along on your own journey? How are you digging into the Word this year? How are finding intimacy with God in your life right now? What are your Scripture goals for the year ahead?

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