Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Stay Inspired: Twenty (or So) TED Talks for 2014

So I've been brewing a little love affair with TED talks lately. Well, actually, I've been brewing a love affair with the notion of TED talks, because, well, I never really seem to find time to actually listen to them. I just look wistfully at the link and think, "Oh, I want to hear that. That would be so good. I bet I could find so much inspiration there." And then I don't.

But I am vowing to bring my relationship with TED to the next level in 2014. Because I like to keep learning stuff. And I like to give and hear talks just about as much as I like to write and read stuff. Words inspire me, help me learn.

Because this relationship is in the crush phase and I have no idea how actually hard it is going to be to invest in it, I started all realistic with the title "12 Ted Talks for 2014". Then I found a link with ten all in one that I want to watch. So I changed the title to "20 Ted Talks...". Then a friend shared a link to another talk that she said was a must watch. So, I just cut myself a little slack and named it "Twenty or So...." So now I don't have to count and have all the liberty in the world to bite off more than I can chew. And I will.

I probably won't listen to all of these. I may find some others to listen to. I might only listen to one or two. But I know it will be good. So I'm going to go ahead with my growing list.

So, here's the list I'm starting with by category:

Brene Brown on Vulnerability
Glennon Doyle's Lessons From the Mental Hospital
Kristen Neff on Self-Compassion
Summer Beretsky on Anxiety

On Thinking Creatively:
Elizabeth Gilbert on Creative Genius
Arthur Benjamin on Mathemagic
The Creative Spark Playlist

Alternative Education:
Kevin Robinson: How Schools Kill Creativity
Ken Danford: School is Optional
Every Kid Needs a Champion
I already watched this one, but don't miss it.

Non-Profit Success and Leadership:
Chris Marlowe: What If Doing Good Was Simple?
This list of ten talks from the Stay Classy blog on philanthropy and leadership.
How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Culture and Global Issues:
The Danger of a Single Story
Jane Chen on the Embrace Baby Warmer
A Midwife's Story: How Midwives Can Save Lives From the Horn of Africa
Our Century's Greatest Injustice from the co-author of Half the Sky
Social Experiments to Eradicate Poverty
Invest in Africa's Own Solutions

Next week, I'll share the list I am making for my teenage son.

Do you have favorite TED talks that have inspired you? Ones that you think would be great for a teen list? From whom are you finding inspiration in the priority areas of your life right now? 

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